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Mikeb portrait
Name Mike Brough
Title Clinical Psychologist
Location Clinic rooms

Mike Brough originally hails from Yorkshire but moved out to Australia in 2004. With two young children, Coffs Harbour has become a wonderful place to bring up his family and enjoy his love of ocean sports. Mike's interests include relationship counselling and older adolescent mental health, anxiety, depression, trauma and complex trauma. Mike also has a special interest in emotional dysregulation, particularly anger, depression and anxiety in older adults. As a Clinical Psychologist, Mike's methodology is taking a calm approach manner using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) frameworks. This enables Mike to support his clients better by helping them understand the internal and external difficulties they face in their lives. This type of therapy helps people build new ways to move through the distress that is keeping them 'stuck' and helps client's grow existing psychological and emotional skills which will create a rewarding and fulfilling life experience. Mike is passionate about using ACT as a powerful agent for positive change and for growth in people’s lives.