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Name Cath Grey
Title Mindfulness-based life coach
Qualification M.Sc(Mindfulness), B.Ed, B.A.(Psych), Adv.Coach
Location Clinic rooms

Cath helps people struggling with stress, anxiety or low mood approach their situation in a way that helps them get unstuck and move forward with greater calmness, clarity and confidence. Drawing on the research from mindfulness, self-compassion and positive psychology, Cath shares practical tools and skills that will both protect her clients from future depression and increase their capacity to thrive. She often reinforces the sessions with resources for between-session use. Common feedback from Cath’s clients is that they feel less reactive, less controlled by worry and self-criticism, more able to handle stress and overwhelm, more focused and energized, and more present to and appreciative of, their life. Cath also sees individuals privately at the practice or remotely. You can make a time to speak to her or make a booking straight away through For details on classes and group events, see