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Name Cath Grey
Title Mindfulness therapist and life coach
Qualification M.Sc(Mindfulness), B.Ed, B.A.(Psych), Adv.Coach
Available for In-person and teleconsulting appointments (Book)
Accepts New and existing patients
Location Clinic rooms

Catherine loves working with people to help them experience greater calmness, confidence and happiness – even when times are challenging. She draws on the research from mindfulness, self-compassion and positive psychology to share practical tools and skills that both protect individuals from future depression and increase their capacity to thrive. Common feedback from Cath’s clients is that they feel calmer and more skillful with stress and overwhelm, less controlled by their worry and self-criticism, more focused and energized, and more present to and appreciative of, their life. Cath works with individuals and also runs classes and events for groups.